Summer is just around the corner, and what sounds better on a hot day than a nice, cool, sweet ice cream sundae? How about an ice cream sundae whose proceeds all go straight towards helping save cats’ lives? That’s just what happens at FieldHaven’s Classics, Cats & Cabernet every year at the Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Sundae stand. A soft, creamy, generous scoop of vanilla ice cream is served up and decorated however you want: gooey caramel, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, chopped peanuts, a maraschino cherry, and/or whipped cream are all available. On top of all that, this delectable dessert comes free with admission.

Our Cat on a Hot Tin Roof sundaes have been generously donated by Lew & Debra Dobbins!

Be sure to stop by this cannot-miss stand at the 10th-annual Classics, Cats & Cabernet on Saturday, June 9th!

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