In vino veritas means “in wine there is truth”, so we must be honest that this live auction item is OUTSTANDING. Be the highest bidder – or win the auction of your choice with the winning Golden Ticket – to win 101 bottles of wine! And we’re not talking Two-Buck Chuck here, these come from some of the best wineries in our region. Fancy a good red wine with your chateaubriand? Just pull one from your instant wine cellar. Pair that decadent shrimp fettuccine with a fine Chardonnay or bring a few bottles of bubbly to celebrate at your niece’s college graduation party. California winemakers are known across the world for their artful touch with blends and dessert wines, so naturally your new wine cellar will include some of those too. So, raise a glass, make a toast and most importantly, BID, BID, BID! This Classics, Cats & Cabernet live auction item is valued at $2,000.00. ***And remember, the holder of the winning Golden Ticket gets to pick their favorite live auction item, so get your ticket before they sell out.

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