These 2017 Classics, Cats & Cabernet attendees sure know what they’re talking about (see what our volunteers have to say, too).


“We would only miss Cats, Classics & Cabernet when pigs fly! This an event not to miss. The cats, old cars, and environment is everything to be desired in a warm sunny evening. Matt and I drive two hours to spend time with wonderful people, and an amazing event. Love you Joy Smith and all the wonderful volunteers.”

– Sara Hartman

“First class event! All funds go to save the feline friends.”

– Jackie Smith

“My husband Tom and I went to our first CCC several years ago and had so much fun, we now go every year and wouldn’t miss it. The silent auction is huge, the live auction items are all amazing, the food and wine (and beer and sangria) are excellent. But best of all are the vintage cars and boats. Talking with their owners, each one has a story that is fascinating. And wrap all this up with the fact that it is all for a great cause! We love the work that FieldHaven does for the kitties!”

– Laura Morin

“We had a very fun time. And loved supporting the FieldHaven kitties while enjoying good food and wine, friendly people, and the old cars and boats. (I urge everyone to buy a Golden Raffle Ticket – never thought I would win, off to Africa).”

– Charlotte Ruggeri

“An amazing event; the food and drink along with the classic cars and boats on display are great, but the community support and generosity are what makes it special. Seeing all the people coming together to support FieldHaven Feline Center and all the work they do touches your heart.”

– Lincoln Quillin


“2018 will be my third year of volunteering at CC&C. There is always a sense of excitement as the day approaches. Staff and volunteers meet to brainstorm, settle on plans, and an air of comradeship permeates the atmosphere. We all work hard on the day of the event and when it winds down we are tired but full of a sense of accomplishment. I am a part of the event that allows the FieldHaven family to offer support to and save the lives of cats for another year! When the people have enjoyed and departed, I love to pour a glass of wine, find a quiet place, and let the day wash over me. Well done us!”

– Trish Milthorpe

“I’ve been volunteering at this event since the very first one ten years ago. I love seeing the shelter transform into a wonderland to benefit the cats. It gives Fieldhaven a chance to educate the public about how much our presence in the community makes a difference. And the people who attend get to enjoy fabulous entertainment, prizes, and great food.”

– Lorraine Davis

“Michael and I started volunteering at Fieldhaven in December of 2016. We flew my Mom up to attend our first CC&C last year. Driving through the gates, we were so impressed with the scale and the effort that must go into putting on such grand event. Wonderful food, great wine and exciting auctions! Later in the evening, strolling around the serene setting, we felt such a sense of generosity and compassion from the guests and volunteers alike. We are proud to be a part of the Fieldhaven team and are looking forward to the 2018 CC&C! And yes, we will be flying Mom up again!”

– Loreen Tobias

“I have volunteered at every CCC since the very beginning. There is always a ton of work that goes into this event, and at the end of the night all the volunteers are tired, but very proud from the result that has happened as a result of all our hard work. Any way and any amount of time that we are able to give to volunteer for this wonderful event is always richly appreciated at the end of this CCC.”

– Jared Hill

“As the event photographer for the past few years, it’s always fun to experience CCC through the lens! I’ve watched this event blossom and grow and I always love to see people enjoy CCC for the first time. I’ve talked with guests over the years who have been so impressed with the grounds, the décor, the live auction and, of course, the kitties! The silent auction always offers an array of unique items and there really is something for everyone. I enjoy watching people stroll the grounds and I do my best to capture their experience in photos. Personally, one of my favorite things at CCC is when West Coast Falconry gives the live auction audience an unforgettable experience by exhibiting one of their amazing birds. They allow the bird to fly over the audience and last year, the hawk flew so close over me that I felt the wind from its wings. It was so amazing! I encourage everyone to experience CCC at least one time. I promise, if you come once, it will become an annual tradition for your family and friends. And, most importantly, you are saving the lives of so many kitties.”

– Tammie Ekkelboom

“I’ve been volunteering with FieldHaven since 2010 when my husband was stationed at Beale AFB. When he retired, and we moved to Dallas in 2012, I became a remote volunteer continuing with data entry and stats. Since I lost that sense of “home” I get being at the shelter, I have flown out for the last 6 years to help with CC&C. An event of this magnitude requires a lot of volunteer power, so I’m able to put my skills to use for a great cause and community, while at the same time, spend time with “family,” and of course, get my kitten fix.”

– Diana Jones

“Doug and I have only missed this event once. It’s one of the highlights of our year. So much fun! We love working on Courtney’s beverage team. The first year it was just a little table near Joy’s house. My how things have changed!”

– Julie Anderson

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