We love our volunteers!

Our volunteers are an incredible group of people who enable us to bring FieldHaven’s valuable programs and services to the community. Being a volunteer at Classics, Cats & Cabernet is a great time.

Interested in volunteering? Contact Kathy Gerry at  (951) 970-0040 or kathy@fieldhaven.com

Check out what some of our volunteers are saying about being a volunteer at Classics, Cats & Cabernet. Hint: It is a really great time!

Janice Covington

Volunteer Janice Covington

“I love volunteering at Classics, Cats & Cabernet because all the money raised helps cats and people! FieldHaven is like no other rescue in the ways we help our community.  I have made so many good friends at FieldHaven and we all celebrate together.”

Linda Hutchinson

Volunteer Linda Hutchinson

“It’s fun, it’s exciting, and we get to greet and meet really nice people, plus all of it helps the cats”

Diana Jones

Volunteer Diana Jones

“I found FieldHaven in 2010 while my husband was stationed at Beale AFB. That first day “working” I felt this instantaneous sense of “home” that I had never truly felt before. So when my husband retired and we moved to Texas for his new job in 2012, I was heartbroken to be leaving my newfound family. I remember Joy saying to me that as long as I had a computer and internet, I wouldn’t really leave. But I miss out on the day-to-day interactions and all the cute kitties, therefore, I make the trip to CA every summer to help with CC&C. It’s a huge event that requires a lot of volunteer power, so I’m able to put my skills to use for a great cause and community, while at the same time, spend time with “family,” and of course, get my kitten fix.”