Classics, Cats & Cabernet is full of delicious treats and beverages. Which one are you?

How it works:

  1. You’ll need a piece of scratch paper and a pen/pencil to tall your scores
  2. When you pick an answer to each question, write down a tally mark for the letter (e.g. A: I, B: II, C: IIII, etc.)
  3. If your question’s answer has multiple letters associated with it, write down a tally mark for both letters.
  4. Once you’ve completed the quiz, tally up all of the points. Your result is the one with the most points. In the case of a tie, choose the one closest to A.

Share your results with us in the comments!


A man on a beach.

1. How Would You Describe Your Personal Style?

A) Sporty, casual
B) Colorful, bold
C) Preppy, formal
D) Unique, quirky
E) Fun, summery
F) Simple, but accessorized
G) Retro, classic 
H) I don’t have a set style

Fall leaves.

2. What is your favorite season?

A/G) Fall
B/D) Spring
C/H) Winter
E/F) Summer

A group of friends fistbumping.

3. What role do you tend to play in your group of friends?

A) The easy-going one
B) The energetic one
C) The voice of reason
D) The artsy one
E) The dependable one
F) The comedian
G) The leader
H) The spontaneous one

A pair of headphones.

4. What type of music do you tend to listen to the most?

A) Country
B) Hip-Hop/Rap
C) Indie
D) Alternative
E) Rock
F) Oldies
G) Jazz
H) Pop

A group of women in a party.

5. Are you an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert?

A/E/F/H) Ambivert – I’m a little bit of both
Extrovert – I love being around people!
C/D) Introvert – I need my quiet time

A soccer ball in the field.

6. What’s your favorite sport?

A) Football
Something else
I’m not really into sports

A chocolate bar.

7. Pick a junk food item.

A) Pretzels
B) Something spicy
C) Chocolate
D) French fries
E) Soda
F) Candy
G) Onion rings
H) Potato chips

Hands holding a gift.

8. What’s your favorite holiday?

A) St. Patrick’s Day
B) New Year’s
C) Valentine’s Day
D) Christmas
E) Independence Day
F) Easter
G) Thanksgiving Day
H) Halloween

Slippers and a mug of cocoa.

9. It’s your day off! Pick a relaxing activity.

A) Binge watch some TV
B) Go to a party
C) Take a bubble bath
D) Go for a walk
E) Sleep in
F) Read a book
G) Call a friend or family member
H) Try a new recipe

A mouse

10. What’s your favorite animal (aside from cats, of course)?

A) Dogs
B) Unicorns
C) Fishes
D) Lizards
E) Koalas
F) Birds
G) Horses
H) Turtles


Mostly A’s – You’re beer! You’re laid-back, casual, and willing to go with the flow. You don’t desire the spotlight, but you love to be around others and have fun. People feel comfortable around you and often open up to you.

Mostly B’s – You’re a sangria cone! Lively and full of infectious energy, you’re a sangria cone! Your vivacious tenacity to make others happy is not always as appreciated as it should be, but those who know you best fully value your colorful, sweet, and cheery demeanor.

Mostly C’s – You’re wine! A classic, you are elegant, reserved, and graceful. Your gentility appeals to others, and you tend to make and keep long-lasting and loyal friendships. You have something of a romantic side to you as well.

Mostly D’s – You’re the dessert bars! As a dessert bar, you do great with other people, but have no problem shining all on your own; in fact, that’s where you’re at your best! Off-beat and creative, your unique perspectives on the world intrigue others and often lead to stimulating conversations.

Mostly E’s – You’re lemonade! Dependable, fun, and spunky, you’re a great person to hang out with. You’re kind and considerate, but can be a bit off-putting at times to those who aren’t accustomed to your personality and sense of humor. That just makes the friends in your life all the more special: they know who you are and love you for it!

Mostly F’s – You’re the Cat on a Hot Tin Roof sundaes! Everyone is drawn to your sweet nature; you’re lighthearted, cool, and funny. You tend to favor working with others, even though you can do just fine on your own when needed.

Mostly G’s – You’re the catered dinner! You love drawing people together to socialize and reminisce, making you a wonderful host/ess. Having people around you is where you feel most at home, and you know how to get people talking. 

Mostly H’s – You’re the popcorn! It might take you a little while to warm up to people, but once you’re ready, you’re the life of the party! Your chipper and joyful energy is hard to resist. While you might get stressed out under pressure, you still know how to kick back and have a good time.

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